jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Learning Strategies report

    Learning Strategies Report

What languages do you learn at school? Do you learn a lenguages on your own?

Do you use learning strategies ?

Learning Strategies are actions to better learn foreign languages. In a survey among secundary students aged 12 and 13, they say that listen to music and do homework are the most common strategies. They olso ask questions to the teacher when they don't understand and they usually study and revise grammar reference books when they have and exam. If you want to the memorize vocabulary read books. It's a bit boring but useful. At school, students have compulsory readings every year. They normaly read one or two books each. Doctionaries aren't popular. Many people prefer translator but, be carefull !! becouse they sometimes, they mistaken you. Four example, a Catalan student could write “ My carpet is in the schoolbag “ meaning “ My folder is in the scgoolbag” or they could show a nice picture of the Trevi Fountain in Rome and say “ This is the Trevi Soure” In conclusions, learning strategies are really useful and as many you know the better you learn. Nowadays learning foreig languages isn't important, is vital.

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Learning strategies in the English Classroom

How often do you ?

Listen to music in English

Every day, four times a week

Ask questions to my teacher

Five times a week ,when I have a class each time I have an English lesson

Revise grammar

Once a week , Each time I have an English Exam

When I have exams

Memorize vocabulary

Each time I have an exam

When I have exams

Read books in English

Four times a week

Do homework

Every day

Speak English in the classroom

Each time I an English lesson

Twice a week, sometimes

Watch films or TV program in English

Never,Twice a week

Write emails in English

Never, once a month

Translate short text

When I have an English lesson

When my teacher says it

Use dictionary

When I need it

When I do homework

When I don't understand a work

Use translate

When I have to write a text

When I don't know how to pronounce a word.

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

You make a nice compost .

    First of all, put leaves, stew and woody materials in a pile. After, you put grass food scraps and mansures in other pile.

    Then mix the two piles and stir. New you have the compost. With air and water, the compost rots.

    Finaly the micro-Organisms and macro-Organisms eat the compost rot.

    Stir the compost every day.

    Arnau Roca.

    Aleix Gil

    Sara Benevente.

    Paula Titos